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Women Over 45 With Hair Loss.

20 Jul 2007, by haircentre in FEMALE HAIR LOSS

Question: I have noticed that many of the women in the hairdressers who are my age 47 have thinning hair. Is there a bug going around that is causing women to lose hair? What can I do about it?

Answer: Female genetic balding affects possibly half of post menopausel women. All you have to do is go to any hairdressers any where and look at what is going on. The hair stylists have learned that the best way to treat female genetic balding is to lighten the color of the hair (have you noticed how many women over 50 are blonde?) and to style it ‘puffed up’ (this is a man’s description of the process, sorry for my myopic male view). For most women, there are numerous options today. A word of caution may be worthwhile here. Take anything that is offered to you in the solutions arena with a grain of salt. Believe less that what you hear and be skeptical of quick fixes, particularly those without first hand experience by people you know. For a qualified and expert view on any quick answers just simply phone one of our trichologists 020 7976 6868 for there opinion. Even better just book in for an assessment with one of our experts and take direct and immediate action today. We will have the answers to all of your questions.

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