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The Hair Loss Centre’s New Video Consultation

06 Feb 2024, by heron in TRICHOLOGIST
The Hair Loss Centre’s New Video Consultation with FaceTime or WhatsApp gives our Consultant Trichologist all of the information required to diagnose your hair loss problem immediately on the day. We can recommend an effective course of treatments for home use straight away. These will be delivered to your front door with future check-up appointments to monitor your progress and recovery. The consultation process is very thorough and may take up to 1 hour. During the consultation all aspects of your hair and scalp problem will be discussed at length to determine the correct diagnosis of your particular condition. The Consultant Trichologist will explain the nature of your disorder, give specific advice, answer all of your questions, and if you are treatable, recommend a treatment regime, with advice on expected response and recovery time. We will write to your GP requesting certain blood tests for further investigation if necessary. The Hair Loss Centre is able to prescribe treatments for home use. Treatments can be purchased for use at home if desired. Treatments are not recommended unless the Consultant Trichologist feels it is necessary or beneficial. The Hair Loss Centre conforms rigidly to a strong ethical code.
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Our Anti-Hair Loss Treatments are suitable for both men and women of all ages and are exclusive to The Hair Loss Centre.


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