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Brushing your hair too much can cause hair loss

17 Aug 2009, by Admin in HAIR LOSS FACTS


A new study conducted by an Israel dermatologist suggests that combing your hair too much can cause you to lose your hair.
According to a new report released by an Israeli dermatologist, Alexander Kirdman says combing your hair too much can make you lose your hair.

The test was done with 14 women who kept a diary of their hair loss and combing habits. The conclusion was showing that the more the women combed their hair, the more hair was lost.

Kirdman, head of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, told Haaretz, “The women who combed twice a day lost three times more hair than those who combed once a day. I was surprised by the results, as in medical circles the comb is believed to improve blood circulation and reduce hair loss.”

The study was published in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment.

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