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Rogaine Seeks Place in the Morning Routine

24 Jan 2008, by haircentre in MALE HAIR LOSS


SINCE its introduction in 1988, Rogaine has always been a bit of a punch line, not only for what it does (help grow hair) but also for its sales results, which never quite (insert bad hair-growth pun here).
rogaine-hair-loss.jpg An image from a television commercial for Rogaine.

But 2007 was a breakout year for Rogaine. A mousse-like version was introduced in 2006 and proved far more popular than the traditional liquid formulation, which comes in a bottle with an eyedropper. The foam version is dispensed by pressing a nozzle, a convenient feature for a product meant to be used twice a day.

Now comes a new marketing campaign for Rogaine that tries to reposition it as an everyday bathroom essential — like deodorant or toothpaste — rather than a medication. “Your daily grooming routine probably already includes brushing, shaving, maybe more,” reads a promotion on the Rogaine Web site. “Take a look at what adding just a few minutes more with Men’s Rogaine Foam can do.”

The campaign tries to encourage younger men to start using Rogaine before hair loss is evident, since the product is most effective when used on thinning patches rather than outright bald ones. And for the first time Rogaine is directly catering to gay men by purchasing spots on Logo, the gay-themed channel owned by Viacom.

Unlike many ads for hair growth or replacement products, the Rogaine spots do not show “before” and “after” images. Rather, the themes are convenience and efficacy: with assiduous use, the message goes, Rogaine can not only regrow hair but keep remaining hair out of the shower drain. (The slogan: “Use it or lose it.”)

“In the morning it’s all about get in, get out,” begins a commercial by BBDO in New York that began appearing recently. It shows a young man getting ready for work by shaving, showering, brushing his teeth and, yes, rubbing a dollop of foam into the crown of his head.

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