My 19 Years Old Son Is Losing His Hair. What Can He Do?

Question: My 19 year old son has premature hair loss. He has a very predominant receding hairline. He is extremely self-conscious of it. My dad and and his brothers had hair loss at an early age but I’m not sure that it was as young as my son. I have already organised a blood test for him with our GP and they were negative so that rules out any physical problems. Is there anything that we can do to slow down or improve his hair loss? I was told that he is too young for Minoxidil and Propecia but are there any other options?

Answer: Hair loss can and does occur in very young people. As a male, he can take the drug Propecia (please point out the side effects to him: there are natural alternatives such as Biostim – side effect free) which hopefully will stop the hair loss. First, get him examined by a competent trichologist who will quantify the rate of miniaturization in his balding area. This is important, because when he starts on the drug Biostim we will want a starting point to determine if it is working and by how much. I would hold off on Minoxidil until a good baseline is in hand and the rate of hair loss is documented, and possibly use Vitastim instead. In otherwords, if your sons hair loss is that apparent he should see one of our trichologists a.s.a.p.

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