Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy – Success in Treating Hair Loss?

Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy is all the rage these days. It is the latest in a long line of Hair Loss cures and therapies promising those suffering from Hair Loss a more natural looking appearance at a fraction of the cost of other Hair Loss treatments.

Since being approved in 2007 for Hair Regrowth, Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy is now one of only three Hair Loss Treatments approved by the FDA. Scanning the Internet, it is simple to find glowing accolades testifying to how effective Laser Hair Therapy performs in the battle against Hair Loss:

“Within the first few treatments I noticed a significant reduction in my hair loss and then hair regrowth all over my head. I am 100% pleased. This treatment has changed the way I feel about how I look.” – Evelyn S. Baltimore MD

“My scalp began to show improvement quickly and I have experienced new hair growth. My existing hair has become thicker and fuller.” B.T

Even though Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy has been around for quite sometime, there are many that are still unaware or unsure of its effectiveness in treating Hair Loss. Quite often, those who suffer from Hair Loss will accept their hair loss, shave off their remaining hair or wear some type of nonsurgical Hair Replacement system. Others will take a more aggressive approach and go for surgical Hair Restoration, spending anywhere from three to twenty thousand dollars on the later two Hair Loss Treatments.

The Laser Hair Loss Therapy program, aside from being painless, is simple and cost effective. Normally your program will consist of a treatment plan of 30-minute sessions. You have the option of going to a hair loss clinic or studio to receive this service or you’re able to perform the session yourself in the privacy of your own home.

The most important aspect of Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy is that it is completely safe, painless and there are no known side effects aside from growing more hair.

It may seem strange to hear about a laser being used for Hair Regrowth, but this type of Hair Loss Treatment has been around for some time and was discovered accidentally by a scientist in Hungary in 1967. Forty years later and after hundreds of clinical trials Laser Hair Therapy Treatment has now been proven as an effective hair loss treatment by many scientific studies. In 1982 a report was published called “The Growth of Hair Under Laser Influence of the HE-NE Beam”. In the study, patients with Alopecia Areata responded with positive results after only 6 to 8 twice-weekly treatments.

In the past few years clinical studies tested lasers at different wavelengths and pulsing the laser to find the most effective laser configuration for treating Hair Loss. The most common Laser Hair Regrowth Therapies now operate at a wavelength in the range 650-670nm, measuring how far the light needs to penetrate the scalp. 650nm is the accepted standard wavelengths approved by the FDA. Also, the more laser diodes or little lasers making up the laser, the better. Most state of the art hair loss lasers have 110 – 160 laser diodes.

More recent Laser Hair Therapy studies have revealed why and how laser light therapy helps stimulate hair regrowth. These studies have shown that Laser Hair Therapy increases the levels of a chemical compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is known to stimulate living cells including the hair follicles. Laser Hair Therapy also has the effect of increasing the circulation of blood to the hair root that delivers the nutrients to cells. The increased blood flow is also thought to help improve the scalp environment to slow down thinning hair and to promote new hair growth.

Within the past few years the Laser Hair Loss Therapy technology has progressed so far that one version of the laser device is portable and comes in the form of a brush/comb that can be used in the privacy of your own home or office. Again, more diodes the better looks for 5-9 lasers on the newer models.

While the manufactures claim that users experiences and overall results will differ, 45% of users will see results after roughly eight weeks while another 45% will see the benefits of using the Laser Hair Therapy after ten to sixteen weeks.

Kevin Harding, 46 from Ocala, FL recently noticed that his hair was thinning on top even though hair loss was not an issue in his family. An executive for a large corporation, he did not want to come in with a full-density Hair System on Monday morning and hope that no one noticed. He opted for the Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy. He performed his due diligence research and found that it was going to be more beneficial for him to buy the smaller version of the Laser and attack his hair loss in the privacy of his own home rather than visiting a Laser Hair Loss Clinic. Six months into his treatments, Kevin happily reports that, “ My hair has stopped thinning and there is definite regrowth“.

Success of Laser Hair Therapy differs from person to person, as does the patterns of Hair Loss. Each person will achieve his or her own results from voluminous to minimal. Laser Hair Therapy results will depend on how far advanced the occurrence of hair loss is but most studies show well over 90% regrow their hair. One thing for sure, those with thinning hair will minimally find that it halts, or prevents further hair loss. And there will be those who will find that it not only halts, but actually grows back most of the hair that has been lost.

We have come very far in our quest for a full head of hair. We have colored, glued, sewn and implanted everything we could to create that perfect head of hair. Now, with Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy we can stimulate our scalp to get back on track and start producing hair again.

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