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I have been suffering from male pattern hair loss for the past 12 years.

13 Nov 2007, by haircentre in MALE HAIR LOSS

“I have been suffering from male pattern hair loss for the past 12 years. But it wasn’t until about 18 months ago when I literally stumbled on to The Hair Centre’s website that I actually now know how you inherit genetic hair loss and how it develops. When I first visited the site I was impressed by the technical back up and that I could speak directly to a qualified professional (from the privacy of my own home and without embarrassment). I was given a clear and honest explanation of the symptoms and how the treatments can help to combat these symptoms. Having tried other GP prescribed medication and over the counter remedies from Boots and many other chemists, even a Chinese Herbalist, with mixed results. I was naturally enthusiastic about something new. The knowledge of the trichologists and the staff online at The Hair Centre some of whom are speaking from personal experience alongside a scientific background, gives you confidence from the start.

After only 4 months I saw new baby re-growth, I was sprouting new hair, I believe as a direct result of the combination of the treatment and the stress free approach.

18 months into my treatments and products now, I have a couple of areas where I am still obviously thinner and my scalp is still visible, but on the whole my existing and remaining hair is substantially thicker and healthier, and I know that the deterioration has stopped and my genetic hair loss pattern is now under control, thanks to The Hair Centre’s products I am very happy with my new appearance.

I’d recommend the treatment to anyone with hair concerns. All aspects of The Hair Centre are professional friendly and best of all effective.”

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However, not all cases are treatable. But with early diagnosis and treatment you will give yourself and us the best possible chance to help you.

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