I Am A Black Women With Thinning Hair. Can You Help Me?

Question: I am an black woman, aged 42, with female pattern baldness around my front hairline. I would like to know if my new regrowth will grow and how will any chemicals, straightners, dyes, etc. might affect the regrown hair. I would also like to know where and how I can schedule an appointment for consultation ASAP. I have been using Regaine but I am still compelled to wear wigs to look my best, can you please help me? I am very interested in getting to see one of your specialists in black hair.

Answer: We have a black hair specialist. As you may know, frontal balding is common amongst black women largely because of the combined effect of pigtails that were used for styling in their youth as well as the abuses with chemicals, straightners and dyes. First, a good examination needs to be done to separate the effects of chemicals and pigtail styling to the female genetic hair loss. Then, a complete examination needs to be done to make sure that other medical conditions are not the cause of the hair loss such as thyroid disease, hormone imbalances, anemia, and so on. There are a series of blood tests that can rule this out.

My recommendation is to make an appointment first. The consultation is free.

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2 responses to “I Am A Black Women With Thinning Hair. Can You Help Me?”

  1. Olivia Gayle Avatar
    Olivia Gayle

    I am a black woman with thining hair at half frontal area of my head – very strange, but it is thining out while the back half is thick and healthy.
    I have a thyroid desease-(hypothroidism, diet control diabetic and asthmatic. I also takes Singulair 10mg.
    Can you help? Is consultation still free. I am a pensioner.

    1. Yes we can. Your consultation is free as advertised.