HAIR LOSS NEWS AND PRESS RELEASE – The Westminster Practice (Europe’s Premier Trichological Practice) are NOW in the TOP 5 says GOOGLE.


Thanks to the hard work by Fresh Egg and their SEO Team lead by Mr. Lee Colbran SEO Director, The Westminster Practice (Europe’s Premier Trichologistical Practice) has entered the top 5 ranking of Google on most of the 1,000 Key Phrases in our industry since starting work with the Fresh Egg SEO Team back in 2000.

Since 2000 our overall rankings have steadily climbed seeing our latest positional jump with the major Key Phrases ‘Hair Loss’, “Male Hair Loss”, “Female Hair Loss”, propels our site on to the first page of Google.

More importantly in the current crop of results we are the highest ranking clinical practice as the other sites are all self help sites such as NHS Direct.

Thanks to Fresh Egg we receive an average of 400 to 500 fresh visitors on our website a day, totaling 15,000 new visitors on an average month. They are also responsible for the success of our Blog.

The teams at Fresh Egg under Lee Colbran guidance are already working on new SEO strategies to improve our organic results further and are now looking to consolidate and improve on these top 5 positions in the longer term.

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