Hair Loss In Pregnancy.

Although it is not as common as after birth, hair loss in pregnancy is prevalent. Many of the prevention and treatment methods that can be applied to hair loss following pregnancy can be used during pregnancy as well. There are just a couple of precautionary measures you will need to take during pregnancy if using these.

When hair loss is occurring after you have given birth, it is almost expected as almost 50% of pregnant women begin to lose hair after they have given birth. During pregnancy hair loss is not quite as common, which is why precautionary measures should be taken. It is vital that you do seek advice from your physician to make sure everything is alright with you and the baby.

Aside from the precautionary measures that should be taken, many of the prevention methods are similar to those you would take following giving birth. If you are experiencing hair loss in pregnancy, it may be a sign that you are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. It is important that you supply your body and the baby’s body with vitamins while you are carrying the baby.

Some of the most crucial vitamins include Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Including a high amount of fruits and vegetables will supply you with many of these vitamins and minerals needed to maintain your health and prevent hair loss. You should also be taking a daily vitamin of some sort every morning.

While you do not always have complete control over hair loss and your body during pregnancy, taking care of your hair can help reduce the chances of you losing hair. Certain hairstyles should not be worn during pregnancy because of the stress it puts on your hair. Some of these hairstyles include braids, cornrows, and pigtails. You should also try to avoid getting perms and getting your hair colored.

The kinds of shampoos and conditioners used during pregnancy can also affect whether or not you lose hair and how much you lose. There are specific brands that are better than others, which you should ask a physician about. But it is recommended that you use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica.

While it is not near as common to see hair loss in pregnancy as it is after, it still occurs quite often. The first step is to take precautionary measures and seek medical advice. From there, supplying your body with vitamins and taking care of your hair can help you prevent hair loss in pregnancy.

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