Female Hair Loss: Vitastim Serum Re-Growth System For The Treatment Of Women

The treatment of hair loss has been largely a men’s market up until now.  The stigma of hair loss in women is still great.  The estimated numbers of 30 million women suffering from hair loss are likely low as many women don’t acknowledge it’s happening to them until it’s too late.  We at The Hair Centre realised there was a great need for earlier awareness and treatment for “female pattern” hair loss.  

Our Female Hair Loss Vitastim Serum Re-Growth System of treatment for Women has been engineered to allow women to address “female pattern” hair loss early, comfortably and above all successfully. 


Minoxidil remains the only topical FDA approved hair loss treatment available for women, yet many have been hampered by the irritation of alcohol-based minoxidil, the only formulation available until present. 

Our Laboratories has successfully addressed the limitations of traditional minoxidil with true groundbreaking technology. Vitastim Serum is the only topical hair re-growth product for women to contain a provern Re-Growth stimulant like the FDA approved minoxidil and it is alcohol free.  Utilizing exclusive patented technology, Vitastim Serum delivers a vasodilator like minoxidil that is clinically proven to go deeper and last longer than traditional minoxidil solutions without the irritation and redness.

Vitastim Serum is formulated on a professional level to enhance the look and feel of thinning hair while working to maximize hair re-growth. Vitastim Serum Re-Growth System for Women redefines treatment options for women of all ages combating the frustrations of hair loss.

Our Laboratories are based in Surrey and have been pioneering unique Trichologically formulated professional grade hair loss treatments that utilize a variety of groundbreaking technologies and delivery systems for the past 35 years.

For more information on Vitastim Serum Re-Growth stimulant visit us online at www.thewestminsterpractice.com or contact us directly on 020 7966 6868.


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4 responses to “Female Hair Loss: Vitastim Serum Re-Growth System For The Treatment Of Women”

  1. Shad Norman Avatar
    Shad Norman

    Please e-mail me in regards with pricing, special offers and shipping (I live in Staten Island, New York) and handling as I am highly interested in this product. Thank you.

  2. Jennifer Avatar


    I am out in Canada – am I able to order this product from you?



  3. Farrah Avatar

    I have an 8 year old daughter that has been diagnosed with alopecia. Can these products be used on her and if so how can I order the products. I live in Georgia.

    Thank you.

  4. You can buy direct from us only. Not in the States. Please email us on info@thewestminsterpractice.com. We ship products out Worldwide.