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Female Hair Loss – Hanna’s Story

05 Jan 2023, by heron in FEMALE HAIR LOSS [ PHOTOS ] TREATED


In December 2017 I found out I was expecting my first child .I was over the moon , but with raging hormones and the stress of managing my diabetes I noticed my hair was falling out . Every doctor and midwife I spoke to assured me it was completely normal and not to worry , however, myself and my mum wanted to get a professional opinion. My mum found the hair centre online and we went for a consultation.

Gary pretty much diagnosed me as soon as I walked in the door . I’m so glad I met Gary when I did as he caught my diagnosis just in time before it was too late . I’m glad I didn’t trust the other drs for I would be bald by now ! He put me on a course of treatment and now my hair is better than ever .

As well as being professional, Gary and his receptionist Olivia are lovely caring people and it’s been a pleasure to visit them for my check ups .

I was in a really low place when my hair started falling out .  Seeing clumps of hair on my pillow and in the bath was soul destroying and with friends and family telling me ‘ it’s not that bad ‘ it just made me feel worse.

Now with my hair growing back stronger and thicker I feel so much better and it’s lovely to receive compliments about my hair .  I can’t thank Gary enough for what he has done . There is nothing worse for a lady than feeling ‘un pretty’ . Gary saved my hair and made me feel pretty again . I’m so lucky to have met him when I did . Thank you Gary for giving me my confidence back and giving me the most beautiful head of hair !


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