Thomas Whitfield: The Oxford student who plans to make baldness a thing of the past

An Oxford PhD is developing a new technology that he believes will offer effective hair loss prevention to the masses.

Thomas Whitfield is hoping his business will give him plenty to smile about

There comes a moment in most men’s lives when they have to admit that they are losing their hair. The realisation is painful enough; doing something about it is even worse.

The slippery descent into lotions and pills, toupΓ©s and skin grafts fills most with horror. But where there’s vanity there’s money to be made. Hair loss can also, for some, equal a loss of career prospects and of confidence. Suddenly a solution turns from vanity product into an essential and valuable treatment.

So keep an eye on Thomas Whitfield. The 27-year-old Oxford biochemistry PhD is working on a venture called TRX2 (derived from the Greek word for hair, Trichos. “The two for second – your second generation of hair,” he tells me). It promises to make “hair loss a thing of the past”.

Still in stealth mode as the intellectual property is in the process of being protected, Whitfield plans to have his “product and service” on the market within 12 months. His only guidance is that it is not based on “gene therapy” – an area being explored by several other British start-ups.

The Kilcady-born entrepreneur, who grew up in Germany – his mother is German – said: “Current treatments don’t work properly or they are inconvenient or they are simply very, very expensive. We have come up with a solution that’s quite easy and much cheaper.”

To add to his credibility, he has already founded a successful internet venture called , which plots user-generated personal histories.

Yesterday he flew to the US, where he will spend time at the cutting edge InCube Labs, a medical devices incubator in Silicon Valley. Finally, he still has a full head of light brown hair – it helps him to remain “objective”.


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