Stem Cell Treatment Helps Children With Hair Loss

Experiments done with children suffering from the hair loss condition alopecia areata have produced promising results which could lead to further research and treatments. The study which was done by Professor Marwa Fawzi at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cairo involved the use of stem cells being extracted from their own scalps and then reinjected in areas on their head where the hair loss was evident.


The study which was done on a small group of eight children all of whom had significant alopecia resulted in them growing back around half of the hair that they had lost. By using small amounts of the skin from the children’s scalps and then isolating the hair follicle stem cells which are responsible for hair production, Professor Fawzi was able to grow more of them in her laboratory and therefore increase the number of these all important stem cells.

The scalp injections which took place 4 weeks after the original skin removal focused on the balding areas and showed statistically significant results. Professor Fawzi explained her research at the annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research taking place in Barcelona. She explained that the condition is extremely distressing for young children who become ostracised by their peers and who suffer from a lot of stress which further aggravates their hair loss.

Professor Fawzi explained that this research had not been tested on men suffering from male pattern baldness which is caused by genetic factors however it is known that numerous research projects around the world are being done in this area.

Professor Fawzi is now planning to continue her studies using a larger group of children suffering from alopecia areata and will be using a placebo controlled format to add clinical integrity to her study.

We believe that the most likely next discovery to treat male pattern baldness and all other types of baldness will come from stem cell research.

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