New Genetic Hair Loss Breakthrough

The big thing in the world of hair loss research at the moment is genes. Scientists have the located a number of genetic structures which appear in men and women who suffer from hair loss of many different types. Specific genes have been seen to cause male pattern baldness and scientists are working on drugs which could prevent the activation of these genes and thus completely eradicate hereditary hair loss and men in the future.

Recently scientists made another breakthrough which could target men and women who suffer from a very rare form of hereditary hair loss called Maria Unna Hereditary Hypotrichosis (MUHH) which occurs in people who suffer from congenital atrichia. This rare condition produces complete hair loss all over the body when still an infant and the hair never grows back.

Recently scientists working at the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing observed that mutations in a particular compound caused this very rare type of hair loss, and they said that by understanding the mechanisms of this complicated chemical process they were getting a step closer to finding a remedy for all types of genetic hair loss.

Dr Xue Zhang explained that by preventing the production of a gene called HR the hair loss was activated and thus they have began to understand that the HR levels had to be maintained at a certain level to stop the hair loss occuring. Dr Zhang’s Research has been published in the medical journal Nature Genetics.

Men and women who are suffering from genetic hair loss however should not start to rejoice too early because it is unlikely that any serious medication to treat genetic hair loss will be on the market within a decade. The processes and mechanisms of male pattern baldness are extremely complex and scientists say that they have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

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