Is Hair Loss Making You Sick….

A lot of people, (normally those who don’t suffer from hair loss), say that Male Pattern Baldness should not be classified as an illness as such because in fact it is all part of the normal aging process.

When your hair starts to fall out due to Male Pattern Baldness it is not a sign of unhealthy living or any medical problems at all. Some of the healthiest men are completely bald and it is also worth noting that Male Pattern Baldness is not actually a sign of aging but a purely genetic process which occurs because of a build up of the compound Dihydrotestosterone in the scalp. This can even occur in men as young as eighteen who are definitely not suffering from old age.

On this basis therefore why is it that hair loss should be considered to be an illness? Well quite simply the stress and anxiety that hair loss causes some men is so intense that it causes them to become very depressed and unable to function normally as they did previously with a full head of hair. The stress is normally more severe in younger men who stand out of the crowd due to their Male Pattern Baldness. With older men whose contemporaries are all bald too the problem of male pattern baldness is normally laughed at jokingly and not really a big worry.

Men have been known to change character completely when they start to go bald. Previously they would’ve been out going and confident but their baldness has made them nervous and shy and wary of meeting new people and social situations. The hair loss drug Propecia for example has been hailed by many men as life changing because it has allowed them to be their former confident selves.

If hair loss is something that really does concern you and you feel that it is affecting the way you deal with people and how you feel about yourself maybe you should get professional medical help.

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