If You Are A Black Woman Or Man With Hair Loss Problems Why Not Book In And See Gary Heron One Of Europe's Black Hair Experts Today.

The Hair Centre as a company specialises in Black Hair Problems that cause Hair Loss and scalp problems. 

We ensure that our patients’ needs are met specifically.


 We offer a full range of trichologically formulated products for Black Hair that have been subject to exhaustive clinical trials and testing to make sure they target disorders of the hair and scalp effectively.

You can telephone us on 0207 976 6868 and speak directly to us and seek professional qualified advice from a Westminster Trichologist. This will allow our trichologists to diagnose your problem correctly and recommend the correct trichologically prescribed treatments on the same day.

Up until 10 years ago if you were losing your hair or were suffering from a scalp disorder or a stress orientated hair loss problem your choices as a Black Woman or Man were very limited.

You could contact your GP who might be sympathetic but generally dismissive and clueless or contact one of the 3 or 4 trichological clinics that there were in London in those days.

Now it’s a minefield with products, and there are hundreds of people it seems all specialising in Black Hair Loss Problems. 

So how do you choose a top Black Hair Expert (Westminster Trichologist), a specialist that really knows what they are talking about?

Quite simply interview them. Phone them up and talk to them, find out how they work and what their results are.

Book in for a one to one consultation with a verified Westminster Trichologist.

If you are not getting an open reply or you feel uncomfortable on the phone then simply move on and try the next one, the choice is huge.

BEWARE of the large commercial CENTRES that spend all their time talking about the competition on their websites when they should be focusing on you the patient.

The key is to talk to our centre and make us work for you the patient.

Ask us to try and give you the answers over the phone.

There really is nothing too difficult here as we are truly confident that we provide the very best all round treatments and patient care that is second to none.

It is critical that your choice is correct in the first instance as a year wasted at the wrong CENTRE or on the wrong treatments can be the difference between success and failure and a regret that is with you for life.






With over 25 years’ experience in the treatment of hair loss and scalp disorders why not try us first.

Do you have Hair Loss Problems, read our Hair Loss Help