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Hair Loss Cure on the Horizon

14 Jan 2011, by haircentre in HAIR LOSS HEALTH NEWS

A hair loss cure could be on the market sooner than we think thanks to a study at the University of Pennsylvania.

The research suggests that one day it may be possible to reverse hair loss without hair transplant surgery.

It seems that stem cells play an important part in the baldness cure.

The study found that stem cells somehow, in some way, become deactivated in some men as they age.  And the researchers feel that they will find a way to reactivate these stem cells in the not to distant future.

Many people in the world don’t see going bald as a problem but for may men the psychological impact of going bald can be devastating.   Going bald is a problem which can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety for men.

Currently there are a few options if you are loosing your hair such as drugs like propecia and rogaine, hair extensions, weaves, and hair transplants.

Approximately two-thirds of men in the US will experience hair loss by the age of 50, and about one quarter of men who suffer from male pattern baldness start going bald before the age of 21.

So for all the bald men out there…What do you think?  Would you undergo a stem cell procedure to get your hair back?

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