Gray hair hasn't been linked to nutritional deficiency

What causes gray hair?


Is there some vitamin or mineral missing in the diet?

Not too long ago, calcium deficiency was strongly suspected as a cause of gray hair. In fact, researchers thought gray hair might even be a marker for osteoporosis. But the theory didn’t hold up; a good study of women with prematurely gray hair found no signs of bone loss. So far, nobody’s been able to find other nutritional links for silvery locks.

So why does it happen?

European scientists recently found that the hydrogen peroxide naturally found in your body (the same stuff that turns brunettes into bleach-bottle blondes) may eventually build up in your hair follicles and block pigment production in your hair, so it literally bleaches itself. It’s possible that faulty stem cells are to blame for this, and no doubt genetic programming plays a role, too. But nobody has truly cracked the gray code. Some of our Chinese friends swear by black sesame seeds (with seasonings in the grocery store) to keep black hairs from graying. Anecdotal reports are strong, but controlled trials are lacking. We bought some, though, and eat them because, no matter what, they taste good.

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The point is that you are not getting to the real problem and you should seek specific professional advice from a Westminster Trichologist.

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