Botox potentially halts hair loss


Beverly Hills, Calif.  Injecting the scalp with Botox is an effective way to encourage new hair growth, according to an aesthetic surgeon who injected his mother’s scalp with Botox to treat severe headaches caused by chemotherapy. Her hair started to grow back after the Botox was administered, reports.


Simon Ourian, M.D., says he has been carrying out comprehensive tests on volunteers at his clinic, which has allowed him to fine tune and develop the hair loss treatment in the last three years. In addition, he combines the Botox formulation with a cocktail of vitamins aimed at improving blood circulation and cell growth in the scalp area, which could be particularly helpful for treating alopecia areata, according to

The course of injections would be taken two to three times a year to reduce scalp tension and improve the level of nutrients in the tissue surrounding hair follicles to reactivate hair growth. Other hair loss medications, such as Rogaine and Propecia, claim to either stop hair loss only or slow hair loss with modest hair regrowth. Experts say further testing is needed to determine Dr. Ourian’s results.

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