Boffins can predict hairloss



Scientists claim they can predict when a bloke will go bald


SCIENTISTS claim to have devised a way of predicting if and when a bloke will go bald.
Hailed as the first device of its kind, the online baldness calculator computes a man’s risk of losing his hair by asking a series of questions relating to family history, diet and lifestyle.

The device was first launched in Germany, where it received more than half a million hits in its first 10 days online.

An estimated two-thirds of Brit men are affected by male pattern baldness.

There is a strong genetic link, with lads advised to look at their dad and granddads to assess their chance of becoming a baldie. If all are sporting a comb-over, it may be curtains for your flowing locks.

Junk food

The boffins warned that junk food and long-term stress can also trigger hairloss.

Hair scientist Dr Adolf Klenk said: “Convenience foods may lead to a lack of energy support and premature hairloss.”

He explains: “Hereditary hair loss appears to be a large problem. More and more men value full hair. We have developed the male baldness calculator to raise awareness among men. They should deal with the problem as soon as possible.”

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