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Blokes who lift weights risk balding

28 Apr 2008, by haircentre in HAIR LOSS FACTS


Religiously trying to pump up your muscles to stay lean and maximize your attractiveness? Well, in that case, all your efforts for a pleasing personality can go futile, for a new study has claimed that weight training can make a person bald.

Researchers have discovered that bodybuilders’ testosterone soars after a weights session – and that turns into a toxic substance, which attacks hair follicles.

The study reveals that blokes who lift weights just three times a week for 45 minutes over two years are heading for a premature slaphead.

In the study, scientists found that testosterone levels soared an average 25 per cent after one of the sessions. They returned to normal after 30 minutes when the body converted the male hormone into a chemical called DHT.

But DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, shrinks follicles and roots – so hair grows back thinner each time.

Beefy blokes who had a high-fat diet were found to be at greatest risk of the balding hormones. Women who lifted weights suffered the same side effect.

“We have seen an increase in men in their twenties and thirties who regularly circuit train. There’s no doubt it is often a factor in hair loss,” The Sun quoted hair transplant specialists Rogers Medical Group, as stating.

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