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The Hair Centre – BBC feature

The Hair Centre was featured in a news programme on Monday 13th March at 1.30pm. You can watch the video on BBC's website below:  

Hair loss reversed in alopecia areata sufferers

People saw their hair fully restored after just five months of treatment (right)| Scientists have completely reversed hair loss in three people by giving them a drug normally used to treat bone marrow disorders. The patients had alopecia areata - a condition that can...

'Nerdy' Swede wins faux – Nobel after green-hair find

Original Article - Click Here A Swedish researcher has won the lg Nobel Prize for improbable research after he solved the mystery of why people's hair was inexplicably turning green in southern Sweden last year. Johan Pettersson, an environmental engineer from...

Stress Hair Loss – Are You At Risk?

When Nadine Dorries spoke out about her alopecia on Daybreak earlier this week, she referred to the condition as a "confidence stealer".   Although we don't quite agree that it's vastly different for men than it is for women - she said on the show that -"When men...