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We are offering free FaceTime and WhatsApp consultations and Check-ups. These will be used to offer advice on any issues you are having and also to evaluate and monitor your progress. I will be keeping in touch over the coming weeks. You can still call The Hair Centre...

Smoking, Drinking and Stress May Cause Hair Loss: Study on Identical Twins

A wide range of lifestyle aspects which include stress, smoking, heavy drinking, and sun exposure could raise the risk for hair loss as per preliminary findings from new studies. The study included 90 male and 98 female identical twins who were asked to fill out a...

Causes of Hair Loss: Medication

Medication Most of the human population is well aware that chemotherapy drugs can lead to hair loss, but there are, in fact, dozens of other drugs that might cause hair to fall out. These include anti-thyroid medications, hormonal therapies (like birth control),...

Causes of Hair Loss: Infection

Infection Although a number of infections can lead to hair loss, probably the most common infection that affects the scalp and hair is ringworm, but don’t let the name fool you, ringworm is actually caused by a fungus. Tinea capitis, as it’s more scientifically known,...