Female Hair Loss Reversed: Sarah's Story (Update) 1 Year On



“I had known for years that I’d have to confront my thinning hair problem at some stage. Having older sisters with various degrees of hair thinning led me to believe that I’d follow suit sooner or later. I took some action after I noticed that I had started to look haggard, much older than I should do. I put it down to having had a few stressful years but then I started to notice my visible scalp more & more.

I decided that I would have to look into what could be done as, although I don’t consider myself to be vain, I had begun to feel less attractive and feminine. I googled ‘hair’ ‘loss’ ‘women’ and as The Hair Centre, in Victoria, looked very credible I looked through their information. I couldn’t help feel sceptical as I’ve not heard about any hair loss treatment that has been proven to work.

At the first consultation I met Gary Heron who took pictures of my hair. With the digital pictures on screen I could see how stressed and thin my hair had become. I still felt sceptical that anything could be done to properly rectify my thinning hair but seeing the extent of the damage made it worth while to try, despite having to borrow the money.

I find the treatment very straight forward and easy to adapt into my daily washing routines. The condition if my hair improved very quickly and I could see and feel some grow back within the first three months. Gary Heron was pleased by how responsive my hair had been to treatment and advised that by adding follicle builder to my treatment programme I should get a full recovery.

I’ve been receiving this treatment for a total of seven months, with three months including the follicle builder, and my hair is dramatically fuller and healthier. Gary Heron tells me that I am half way to a full recovery but I’m already receiving regular compliments about my hair again. I feel much more confident about my appearance and I’m looking forward to the next few months and getting even bigger hair!”


JULY 2007 (first day at the Centre)


JANUARY 2008 (half way through treatment)


Sarah’s Treatments are:

Vitastim 15% Hair Regrowth Stimulant and Hair Loss Stabiliser:
This stimulant is recommended to help stabilise hair loss and strengthen existing hair. It is a natural hop-based solution that works as a vasodilator to increase blood circulation in the scalp and so enable healthy hair growth. It also contains a multi-vitamin complex to help catalyse the process of conversion of amino acids into keratin hair cells and accelerate growth and diameter of the hair from the dermal papilla.

Biostim 15% Hair Regrowth Stimulant and Hair Loss Stabiliser:
 This stimulant contains a very effective natural 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It reduces the amount of 5-alpha reductase in the scalp and thereby reduces the formation of DHT, stabilising hair loss and encouraging a healthy growth cycle.


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